The beginning

I was born in Switzerland 33 years ago, and being raised bilingual, Italian and German, gave me the opportunity of being open minded about languages. I now speak also English, Portuguese and French. Foreign languages, other cultures and countries woke up in me the passion for travel.
I consider myself an artist and I love art, not only the movie art, but also paintings, photography, sculptures and intern decorations.

Some time ago

Since 2013 I discovered the passion for acting. Not only acting, but everything that involves cinematography: script writing, post production, drone videography and the whole production process of making a movie.
I started to watch movies not only as an entertainment, but breaking it down when watching them and trying to understand the process and see the various components such as acts and conflicts of the charachters.

Right now!

My passions are definitively travel and movies. By movies I don’t mean only “watching a movie”, but doing movies, creating them. I discovered this passion when I started to do vlogs about one of my days or about a specific topic. I love to film and I love the editing process, it’s where the real magic happens!
So what I do in my life is traveling and making movies.
I’m available for any job collaboration of any kind.